Welcome to Alien Artistries...

Something which has always baffled and amazed me in the way that good art hopes to do, is Outer Space. How incredibly humbling it is to remember how tiny we are, living on this small blue planet in the unimaginable vastness of Space.

This is why I paint the things I do. I'm fascinated by Space and the unknown, and every new scientific discovery inspires me to portray this new knowledge in the best way I know how; through art. I want my work to fill you with the same wonder at the limitless expanse of the Universe, and to spark your imagination and curiosity of what is beyond our world.

I use a range of the best acrylic paint I can find, and paint mostly on canvas. I do like a challenge however, and have accepted commissions to paint original Space paintings on musical instruments, including drum cymbals and ukuleles, as well as experimenting myself using recycled materials such as bottles, shells, and old jars. For my standard canvas paintings, I photograph them myself, and I'm not completely satisfied until the images are so clear you can see the texture of the canvas. Then, I work closely with a professional printing company to ensure the final print products I sell here are of the highest quality.

My prints are produced on 160gsm Colortech+ paper using professional printing equipment. I check every single print and hand package them myself to ensure they're fully protected once posted. I will also list original paintings on here too, and I do try to attend creatives fairs and host stalls where you have the opportunity to pick up my prints in person.

If you'd like to talk to me about any kind of commission idea, please feel free to contact me on here or via Facebook or Instagram. Thank you so much for visiting my shop, I hope you find something you love.

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